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Best Workout Motivational Video EVER
Do you need the motivation to get started with your workout? That's perfectly normal. Before working out becomes a habit[...]
Would You Be Able To Complete This Insane FBI Fitness Test?
Joining the FBI might not be for everyone, but what about their fitness test. Do you think you can handle[...]

Best Elliptical Machines For Heavy People
Last update: ​Finding an elliptical which suits your body weight might be a bit of a challenge. There are a[...]
High Weight Capacity Treadmills For Heavy People
Last update: ​​You finally made a choice; you want to lose weight by making use of a treadmill. I can[...]
Best Compact Treadmill For Small Spaces
Last update: Choosing the best compact treadmill for your needs might be a bit of a challenge. When space is[...]

Rowing machine Vs Elliptical Trainer – Which One Is Better?
The rowing machine vs elliptical trainer, which one suits your needs better? Both the rowing machine and elliptical machine are[...]
Best Heavy Duty Exercise Bikes (300, 350 & 400 Lb Weight Capacity)
Last update: ​Using an exercise bike to lose weight is a good idea. They're relatively low-impact exercise machines, which is[...]
Schwinn 270 Vs. Schwinn 230
Finding the right recumbent bike can be a difficult task. There are a lot of models which all have their[...]

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