6 Shoulder Exercises Without Weights

How often have you thought about exercising the shoulders? I’m guessing not very often. These muscles are often forgotten about when training. But, it’s important that they, like the other muscle groups, are developed and strengthened. Concentrating on the shoulders will provide the following benefits:Improving appearance – broad shoulders enhance the physique, creating an aesthetically pleasing … Read more

At-Home Back Exercises To Strengthen Your Lower and Upper Back

Sadly, the back muscles are often forgotten about in workouts. This is probably because they are the least pronounced of all the muscle groups and infrequently on public display. However, these muscles are some of the most important in the entire body. Not only do they support, strengthen and protect the spine, there are few actions … Read more

This At-Home Ab Workout Will Carve Your Core

Working out the abdominal muscles creates a tight and toned look, improves posture and can enhance sporting performance. Obtaining the famous ‘six-pack’ is not just for the dedicated gym enthusiast. In fact, most of the gym exercises can be easily replicated at home. Exercises such as crunches and planks are perfect and seriously effective for the … Read more