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Schwinn 870 Treadmill Review

Last update: Oct 25, 2019

The Schwinn 870 is a stable treadmill that might appeal to a variety of users. Although, the 20- by 60-inch running track and 3.0 CHP motor are especially useful for running.

It’s a reliable choice for users looking for a mid- to high-end treadmill with enough features to keep them challenged in the long run.


  • Stable construction
  • Advanced workout display with a maximum of 13 details
  • Chest strap included for accurate heart rate monitoring


  • No Bluetooth connectivity to connect with workout apps
  • The console might be confusing for a first time user
  • Manual uploading of fitness results to Schwinn Connect

Key Features

  • The 2 blue backlit LCD displays show easy-to-read detailed information about your workout. Besides the usual info, the displays show, for example; your goal (time, distance or calories), heart rate zone and the fitness score of the current user profile.
  • The Schwinn Connect Fitness Score shown in the upper left-hand corner of the display is based on an estimation of the burned calories and VO2 Max over your last 5 workouts. Your score will decrease or increase after each training. So this score gives you an idea of your fitness progress.
  • Compete against yourself with the Compare Pacer Display. You can compare yourself to your last, best or average workout on a set program and distance. The pacer icon on the top of the console shows your workout progress in comparison to the pacer.

Review of the product

Build quality: 4.5/5

The 870 is designed with the primary intent of making it as stable as possible. This might be the reason why it supports a maximum user weight of up to 300 lbs. There are a few features which contribute to the stability in particular. These are; the extra large crossbar tubing and the levelers.

If the surface you want to place the treadmill on is uneven then the levelers underneath the treadmill can help to level the machine. In order to do this, you’ll have to adjust the levelers. When they all contact the floor, the treadmill should be level and stable.

Furthermore, the warranty period is normal; 10 years frame & motor and 2 years mechanical & electrical warranty.

Comfort 4/5

The 870 comes with a 6 cell SoftTrak cushioning system, which together with the 2.0 mm thick 2 ply (layered) tread belt provide sufficient comfort for running. Another feature which will probably make your run more comfortable are the crowned rollers, they will help to keep the belt centered.

Most entry level treadmills only have a 1 ply belt and metal rollers instead of crowned rollers. So this might be something to keep a close look at when you’re comparing treadmills.

Lastly, there’s the SoftDrop folding system. This hydraulic lift is designed to semi-automatically unfold the tread belt. It’s semi-automatic, so you’ll still have to use your feet and hands to fully unfold the belt, but that’s better than having to lift the whole belt.

Workout features 4/5

There are 26 workout programs for you to choose from. There’s the quick start manual program in which you can choose your own speed up to 12 miles per hour and incline up to 15 percent. After you have chosen the desired speed or incline, you’ll have to press the enter button to confirm the settings.

Additionally, there are the pre-set workouts. You can choose between; 3 interval, 4 custom, 5 weight control, 6 train, 3 quick goal and 4 heart rate/health programs. You can select a certain category by pressing the programs button and choose your workout.

Furthermore, there are 4 user profiles. This allows you to save the results of each workout. You can review information like; height, weight and lap distance.

If keeping track of your progress is something you really like, then you can use Schwinn Connect to check your overall workout results and share your results with MyFitnessPal. Be aware of the fact that you’ll have to upload the workout results on a computer or laptop after you have exported the results from the treadmill through the USB port onto a USB flash drive.

Easy of assembly 3.5/5

The assembly might not be the first thing you think about when choosing a treadmill, but it’s obviously essential before you can start your first workout.

Luckily, a big part of the 870 is already pre-assembled. However, there are still a few parts that need to be attached to the base unit. In order to do this, you’ll need to make use of the included screws and washers. In total there are 13 assembly steps.

How does it compare?

Schwinn 830

The Schwinn 830 is a similar treadmill designed by the Schwinn brand.

Some of the features are exactly identical, like the; 3-speed fan, SoftDrop folding system and the acoustic speakers. So there’s no shortage of ‘extra’ features.

However, this model has a 4 cell SoftTrak cushioning system, a 1 ply (layered) belt and 20- by 55-inch tread belt. Which might make this model a less compelling treadmill for runners.

ProForm Pro 1000

If you want to connect a tablet or smartphone to your device the ProForm Pro 1000 might be a good option for you.

Connecting a device enables the iFit function (requires a paid membership), which gives users the option to select a track using Google Maps.

Your tablet or smartphone will then function as an extra screen showing the actual real life track. This is useful if you easily get bored or want more training variety.

AFG 5.1 AT

The AFG 5.1 AT is a treadmill without all of the fancy extras. Of course, it does have some (12) training programs to keep you challenged.

It’s especially a good option if you don’t want or like extra’s and just want to focus on your fitness goal.

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