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Sole F63 Treadmill Review

Over the years, Sole has earned quite a reputation for making high-quality exercise equipment. The Sole F63 is no exception.

If you are in the market for a sturdy treadmill without 'bells and whistles', then you might want to consider the F63. It's also on my list of best high weight capacity treadmills with a weight limit of up to 300 lbs, 350 lbs and 400 lbs. The F63 has a max weight of 325 lb.


  • User-friendly features that are motivating and helpful, including Bluetooth capability which allows you to track your training data through various fitness applications
  • A high-quality construction with all-steel welded frames
  • ​Sole Fitness claims that their cushion flex whisper deck reduces the impact on your joints up to 40 percent


  • The treadmill has an almost overly-simplified display
  • The motor isn't as powerful as their higher-end models
  • ​Only 10 workout programs


  • The Sole Fitness App is probably one of the defining features of the F63. It connects to your treadmill via Bluetooth technology and is compatible with iOS and Android devices. The app stores your workout history in one location and allows your device to serve as the 'control center' for your treadmill. The Sole Fitness App is user-friendly and has clear directions for use.
  • The Sole F63 has a top speed of 12 mph and a maximum incline of 15%. Both the console bar and handgrips have controls for incline and speed, making it easy for users to change incline settings without having to worry about losing control over their treadmill. When you change the speed or incline the changes will not occur directly. For safety purposes, it changes gradually.
  • This treadmill has a Cushion Flex Whisper Deck. It's a unique tread belt designed by Sole Fitness to reduce the impact on your joints and reduce the noise of the treadmill. According to Sole it reduces the impact by about 40% and provides a quiet running experience.
  • The F63 has 10 workout programs just like the rest of the Sole treadmills this year. Six of these programs are preset workouts which control speed and incline.

The incline can be adjusted in order to burn more calories, better tone muscle, or emphasize cardio endurance. There are two heart rate programs that monitor challenge levels and utilize the included chest strap or the pulse grips for heart rate monitoring. Additionally, there are two custom programs that allow for two user profiles to be created.

​Most comparable treadmills don't include a chest strap. Plus, the added customization program make this treadmill stand out. However, 10 workout programs might not be enough for everyone. If the 10 programs are enough will depend on your own needs.


Build Quality: 5/5

The build quality of the treadmill is considered good​. It doesn't have the same specifications as the higher-end Sole treadmills like the F85, but that doesn't influence the overall build quality a lot.

To give you an example, the bulletproof frame is precision-welded and is durable enough to endure repeated use from users of different heights and weights. Please note that this treadmill does have a maximum weight capacity of 325 lbs.

That's probably the reason why Sole Fitness decided to give a lifetime warranty on the frame, as well as the motor. Furthermore, you'll get 3 years of warranty on the deck, electronics and parts. Lastly, they give a 1-year warranty on labor.

Ease of use 4.5/5

The F63's technology is user-friendly with a clear and readable white backlit 6.5" LCD display. It shows basic information like; distance, speed, time, calories burned, heart rate, incline % and an overview of your current workout program.

The control buttons are easy to understand and accessible. It is simple to change speed or incline, as you can do so from different locations on the machine.

Furthermore, the speakers are easy to hook your listening device such as an MP3 player or iPod into for listening pleasure.

Comfort: 5/5

Most of us who have owned treadmills are well aware of the amount of noise they can generate. Sole F63 users and those around them will appreciate the quietude they get from this treadmill.

The addition of a fan to this treadmill gives a good level of comfort to its user. Additionally, the CushionFlex Deck allow for an increased level of comfort while walking, jogging, or running. Your knees will probably not feel achy or tired as quickly as they might on other machines or running outdoors.


Sole F63 vs. Sole F65

The Sole F65 is the next step up in this line of Sole treadmills. It has the same ten workout programs and the same speed of .5 - 12 mph.

The F65 is slightly bigger at a dimension of 37 (W.) by 57 (H.) by 82 (L.) inches, whereas the F63 is 35 by 57 by 82 inches. This results in a 22-inch wide and 60-inch long running area, which is 2-inch wider than the F63.

The F65's screen is also an inch bigger than the F63's 6.5-inch screen. And the motor is 0.25 CHP stronger, which makes it 3.25 CHP instead of 3.0 CHP.

Other then some sizing and a bit stronger motor, there are not many noticeable differences between the F63 and F65. But, it might be worth a consideration for the more serious runners.

Horizon Fitness Adventure 5

The Horizon Fitness Adventure 5 is quite similar to the F63. It has the same maximum speed of 12 mph, a weight capacity of 325 lbs. and a running area of 20 by 60 inch.

The 2 biggest differences are, the separately sold Passport Media Player and the 35 fitness programs. The Passport Media Player is a fun feature which allows you to 'run at several destinations'. This feature displays at your own television. That's why this treadmill might be a better choice if you easily get bored.

Your tablet or smartphone will then function as an extra screen showing the actual real life track. This is useful if you easily get bored or want more training variety.


If you like the F63 the AFG 5.3AT designed by Johnson Health is worth a look as well, because it is a similar treadmill. Although, there are also some differences.

For example; the chest strap isn't included, it has a weaker 2.75 CHP motor and it has got 14 workout programs, which is 4 more. But, there are also some similarities; the built-in fan, the 20 x 60-inch tread belt, a maximum speed of 12 mph and an incline of 15 mph.

Depending on your personal wants and needs this treadmill might or might not be better suited for you.

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