Exercise Bike Vs Treadmill

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exercise bike vs treadmill

Exercise bikes and treadmills are two popular choices when it comes to workout equipment. They're both beneficial and will get the job done. But is one more useful than the other? 

When you venture out to buy your first exercise machine, you might be asking yourself “which is better”? It's no fun wasting time and money buying a machine that may end up gathering dust in the corner because you got bored or found something better for you. 

So, before spending money on a home machine, or investing time and money at the gym, you might find this article to be useful. Let's compare the stationary bike Vs the treadmill!

What Are the Benefits?

Both an exercise bike and a treadmill will enable you to have an effective cardio workout, getting your muscles and heart working with aerobic exercises. 

Aerobic exercise is known to improve conditions such as depression, due to the release of endorphins. These free the painful or bad feelings in your mind and body, replacing them with a sense of wellbeing, improving your health through more than one aspect. So, either one of these machines can be a great benefit to both your physical and mental health.

Stationary Bike

The use of a stationary exercise bicycle has numerous benefits. It can help improve the flexibility in leg muscles and ligaments while building strength. It is also excellent for reducing lower back pain. 

Plus, it is relatively low-risk for injuries which makes it safe to use at any fitness level. 


Home use treadmills are great for building your stamina and endurance. It is relatively low impact in comparison to running outside on harder surfaces, and it provides a large variety of exercise programs whether you're an advanced runner or a newbie.

Which Is Better?

Whether you want to lose weight or regain strength after an injury, exercise bikes and treadmills can help you. Deciding which one is better depends on your own health and fitness goals.

Weight Loss

If your ultimate goal from exercise is to lose weight, it's probably best to choose a treadmill. 

When using a treadmill, either walking or running, you engage your whole body as opposed to only the lower half. This means more calories are being burned and you're losing more fat.

When you sit on an exercise bike, your weight mostly rests on the seat and handles, which means your upper body is not as engaged as your legs. However, one advantage of a bike is that some people find it easier to do longer workouts, which eventually burns more calories

If you are looking to lose weight, it's important to think long-term. CDC reports that gradual weight loss is more manageable on a long-term basis, as opposed to a "quick fix." So it's a good idea to choose a versatile machine that you keep using as you progress on your fitness journey. 


There is not a single answer to this question, as it will depend on you, what you are looking for, and your personal goals.

If weight loss is your primary goal, a treadmill would be ideal as more calories are burned during shorter periods. However, an exercise bike is more low-risk and may be better while you build up your fitness level. 

Some people may also prefer an exercise bike because it can be used anywhere in a small home. They usually take up less space than a treadmill, aside from maybe the smaller treadmills. It can easily be placed in front of the tv where you can pedal away while distracting yourself with your favorite show. 

For beginners and experienced bikers alike, make sure you adjust the seat and sit correctly, to avoid any unnecessary injuries.

Recovering From an Injury

If you've suffered an injury and now want to rebuild your strength, it could be argued that an exercise bike is the better choice. 

Whether you're walking or running on a treadmill or a hard surface outside, weight is continually being put on the joints and muscles which may cause further damage. 

In contrast, an exercise bike will shift your weight and provide some relief. It may even improve your balance after prolonged inactivity due to an injury.

Heart Health

It’s a well-known fact that exercise can reduce your chances of developing heart disease and will keep your heart healthy for longer. Indeed, whichever machine you choose will bring significant benefits. 

A treadmill would be better in terms of improving cardiovascular health. Just a 30-minute jog each day has shown to bring vast improvements.


One significant factor which I think you need to consider is maintenance. 

Every type of exercise machine will require maintenance at some point. Is there a difference between the maintenance needed by an exercise bike and a treadmill? 

A treadmill generally requires a lot more maintenance and cleaning than a bike. It needs regular lubrication and the impact is a lot harder on the mechanics, making it more susceptible to wear and tear. 

But exercise bikes will also need regular check-ups. The moving parts require oiling, and, ideally, a regular inspection of bolts and pedals to discover any damage early on.

Which to Choose?

In the end, you should choose whichever one you feel is best! Everyone is different, and we all have specific goals and expectations. Exercise bikes and treadmills both have amazing benefits. They were both designed to keep you active.

When you are ready to start choosing, it's a good idea to plan ahead. Get a clear vision of your goals and needs, and maybe write down some pros and cons. 

If it's your first buy or you're just starting out in the gym, and you're new to exercise, a bike might be your best choice. But if you’re eager to get going and see results faster, a treadmill may be better. 


Now that we know a bit more about exercise bikes and treadmills, we may see that they each have their advantages. They're both great in their own ways. 

They are some of the most popular options for exercise equipment, so people often debate which is best. It will mainly depend on what you prefer. 

If you're faced with a choice, it might be easier to focus on the negative points. For example, a treadmill takes up more space and is likely noisier. But an exercise bike may bore you or not get you to where you want to be fitness-wise. 

So, do you have a favorite? Please let us know in the comments below.

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